Just like the Standard American Diet has become known as the antithesis of healthy eating, I propose that the Standard American Footwear should also be known as the antithesis to healthy feet.  
There is no medical research to show this; obviously the shoe companies aren't clambering to do good research that may eradicate their own products.  Shoes in the developed world have been a result of fashion, and certainly not function. Modern walking surfaces were created to promote industry and cleanliness and took no consideration on the interaction of the human limb with its surface.  
Western footwear promotes musculoskeletal imbalance from their high heels and tight toeboxes. 
Western walking surfaces and daily movement patterns also encourage musculoskeletal imbalances. Sitting in chairs 40 hours per week or walking on hard flat surfaces are very unnatural musculoskeletal patterns.  
So if you do partake in a piece of SAF, do it infrequently. Recognize that your foot is another body part to strengthen and challenge.  There's no magic shoe for foot pain, like there is no magic pill for good health.  For every part of the body, exercise is key! 

4/8/2015 03:25:42 pm

A toe spring essentially prevents the toes from gripping the ground and the first metatarsophalangeal joint from pushing off; prohibiting the natural function of the foot.


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