As I see it, there's only one true argument against being barefoot, and that's: what do you do in the winter?!  Well, we can look back at our ancestors, who used animal skins--moccasins and mukluks, but they were not waterproof.  In our modern world, we don't have lovely powder everywhere; we have relatively warm roads and sidewalks and de-icing salt, that make that beautiful hue of brown and gray snow and slush.  A serious winter needs serious waterproofing.  
    Vivobarefoot has some winter boots that are waterproof, and so do several other minimalist companies.  Unfortunately, like the title of my post in a previous blogsite, "minimalist is maximalist in price." Most of these boots are $200 minimum.  Now, if you already own a pair of thick-soled and thick-heeled boots like I do, you can create your own minimal winter, waterproof boots.  Please check out this blogsite, and, take a crack at changing your boots into minimalist winterwear:

8/3/2012 01:47:28 pm

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