Over the last decade, the world of health and  wellness has had a "primal reawakening."  Answers to many health questions are already part of our genetic structure; what was once routine for us hundreds and thousands of years ago, has been clouded by modern changes.  
    These recent throwbacks began with our obsession with food and weight.  Books such as the Primal Blueprint suggested following a primal diet, which allowed many to become healthy and fit.  By avoiding a high grain-based and sugary-fatty foods that are so easy to quickly obtain, many people have been able to transform their lives by copying our ancestors. Just a decade or two ago, we thought 40 and 50 year old people were old; over the hill in many ways and unable to regain any sense of youth or fitness.  We are now impressed at 50 and 60+ somethings that are strong and fit.  These are not new revelations; in ancient Greece, Spartans were warriors for life and it would not be odd to see old men in battle.  Many modern afflictions can be fully reversed with lifestyle changes. 
    I have been recently reading Dr. Karp's Happiest Baby on the Block book, which suggests its own primal wisdom.  It centers around colicky crying and why it doesn't exist in many "uncivilized" cultures.  Many answers lie in this ancient simplicity we once considered backward.  
    This simplicity and minimalist movement has come to feet and footwear.  Anthropological evidence points to foot problems only developing with the advent of shoes and modern lifestyle.  Like dieticians, podiatrists have evolved to fix conditions that humans have created through a discord with nature. 
    Hopefully we will continue to realize these benefits of past lifestyles and do our best to weave them into our daily routine.   We can find peace of mind and body in this simplicity we abandoned for 'bigger, faster and better.'  How have you changed your life by reverting to an ancient, primal or more simplistic approach? 

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It centers around colicky crying and why it doesn't exist in many "uncivilized" cultures. Many answers lie in this ancient simplicity we once considered backward.


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