The only part of the body that's neglected by most people at the gym is the foot.  We do this because we wear the wrong shoes to the gym.  Would you do a bicep workout with an above the elbow cast on? Of course not.  Shoes act like casts to the feet, preventing development of smaller musculature here. Shoes also interfere with ground proprioception and balance.   Besides ignoring foot and ankle musculature, you do harm to your posture and technique if you are wearing the wrong shoes while in the gym.  See here for common shoe mistakes and shoe recommendations for the gym:
In addition, any of you who want to transition to obtaining natural foot health and wellness and make a move to minimalist or barefoot lifestyles should be starting in the gym.  Doing your typical workout barefoot or in minimal shoes will help you to do necessary foot strengthening.  
At the gym, forget what you learned about weightlifting (sets/reps of specific weight-lifting exercises) and do functional movement exercises that incorporate whole body fitness:  
weightlifing complexes
plyometrics (forget about that guy's shoes though)

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